Kururu focuses on building a product first, which makes our KURU tokens have utility and benefit to investors on day one.
Our services checklist
    Order Book v1: Sell Token at best rate with zero price impact ✅
    NFT Market: Buy and Sell your favorite NFT ✅
    Token Locker
    Data oracle: Random number generator ✅
    Mint NFT: Create your NFT
    KURU Token Staking: Stake KURU for more KURU
    Timelock Watcher: Monitor your favorite DEFI platform timelock contract
    KUMA: Cross-chain stable coin
    Open API: Kururu Open API Services
The checklist may change due to the DEFI market status and our market strategy for the best interest of our platform and our investors.
We will update this page periodically.
Last modified 1mo ago
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